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Medical Cryolipolysis

With CRISTAL® Cryolipolysis, non-invasive cooling of selected subcutaneous adipocytes (tissue made up of fat cells) becomes possible. The goal is to induce lipolysis (apoptosis), which is the decomposition of adipose tissue (fat cells) leading to the elimination of excessive local fat deposits and cellulite, without damaging any surrounding tissue. The cryolipolysis is a well-established treatment in the United States and France and is being studied extensively by leading scientists in dermatology and aesthetic medicine worldwide.


MEDISOL® LED technology is a breakthrough in anti-aging, photomodulation and photodynamic therapies. A high-power LED lamp is able to treat a variety of skin diseases and other tissue damage, e.g. acne, burns, alopecia, re-pigmentation, stretchmarks, scars and much more. This is made possible by the high energy beam of the CMS-LEDs which create a resonant resorption in the deeper skin layers.


STORZ® Shockwave

Acoustic wave therapy (AWT®) is an innovative procedure for the treatment of cellulite. It is also known as shock wave treatment. The procedure has long been applied in orthopaedic pain therapy. It was noticed that the shock waves also led to a smoothening of the skin in the areas treated. Shock wave treatment has been particularly effective in combination with cryolipolysis as the short and powerful impulses are capable of causing a more intensive loosening of the tissue than is possible using traditional massage techniques and it is also usually perceived by patients as being more pleasant. We would be pleased to answer your questions about shock wave treatment.

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