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Acoustic Shockwave Therapy in Aesthetic Medicine

Acoustic wave therapy (AWT®) is an innovative procedure for the treatment of cellulite. It is also known as shock wave treatment. The procedure has long been applied in orthopaedic pain therapy. It was noticed that the shock waves also led to a smoothening of the skin in the areas treated. Shock wave treatment has been particularly effective in combination with cryolipolysis as the short and powerful impulses are capable of causing a more intensive loosening of the tissue than is possible using traditional massage techniques and it is also usually perceived by patients as being more pleasant.

In 2004, STORZ MEDICAL was the first company worldwide to successfully change the physical properties of shock waves in order to enable their effective use as pulsating acoustic waves in anti-cellulite therapy and body shaping.

The long-lasting effect of this new Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT®) has been confirmed by numerous scientific research projects and long-term observational studies.

With the development of its innovative series of AWT® systems – CELLACTOR® SC1 »ultra« and D-ACTOR® 200 – STORZ MEDICAL has set new standards in aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine.

The AWT® systems of the new D-ACTOR® »ultra« line impress with compact dimensions, outstanding design and an integrated, extremely silent »Air Power« drive. To ensure reliability, only high-quality materials and components are used.
The newly developed D-ACTOR® »ultra« handpiece with »Active-tip-control« display is setting innovative standards in Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT®). Its ergonomic design ensures an efficient and non-tiring treatment. All the important control elements have been integrated into the handpiece.

D-ACTOR® »ultra« line: Key Facts

Radial acoustic wave: Pressure: 0.3 – 5.0 bareff Frequency: 1 – 21 Hz (depending on pressure)

Vibration therapy (optional), V-ACTOR®: 1 – 31 Hz

D-ACTOR® »ultra« handpiece with integrated display and »Skin Touch« function for rapid treatment navigation

10” touch screen (optional)

Fields of application

Treatment of cellulite

Treatment of striae/stretch marks

Treatment of facial wrinkles

Muscle relaxation

Procedure and function of shock wave treatment

Following a comprehensive consultation and the determination of the degree of cellulite, our partner doctors discuss the extent and duration of the therapy with the patients. Between 6-8 treatment sessions are necessary depending on the degree of cellulite. Shock wave therapy involves sound waves being created in the head of the device which are gently diverted into the body areas affected.



Enlarged fat cells arch up to the surface of the skin. Typical cellulite becomes visible. Local blood circulation is greatly reduced.



Acoustic waves penetrate the body. The connecting tissue relaxes and the epidermis becomes increasingly taut. Blood circulation is significantly increased.



The fat cells return to their normal size and the elasticity of the skin is strengthened. A visible and enduring improvement of the texture of the skin’s surface can be achieved.

Before and after shock wave treatment

After 6 sessions.
Source: Christ C. et al.
Aesthet Surg J. 2008 Sep-Oct;

Before and after 3 months following 6 sessions.
Degree of cellulite reduced from 12 to 2.
Source: Knobloch K. et al. Dermatol
Ther (Heidelb) (2013) 3:143–155

Before and after 3 months following 6 sessions.
Degree of cellulite reduced from 10 to 6.
Source: Knobloch K. et al. Dermatol
Ther (Heidelb) (2013) 3:143–155

Before and after 3 months following 6 sessions.
Degree of cellulite reduced from 15 to 7.
Source: Knobloch K. et al. Dermatol
Ther (Heidelb) (2013) 3:143–155

The before and after examples show patients before and after shock wave treatment. However, as is the case in every medical treatment, no guarantee can be given for the treatment’s success.


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